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Anorexia and Bulemia

New Years Eve and Also Day 2!

Posted on 2008.12.31 at 20:43
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Its Day 2, I have been strong but I found a few things out that I wanted to share, more for ThinSpiration. After the first 3 days of not eating Digestion STOPS! The body then shift over to ketosis A.K.A.: Burning FAT! At this point the body scours itself for dead and diseased tissue and fat to live on. Some can go easily on water alone. Some have even lived as long as 100 days. Weight loss is usually between 1-5 pounds a day! Depending on how fat you are and NO, your body does not start to eat muscle right away. It eats away all your fat first!! YEAH! Which is what we are all looking for! SO wish you all the best, And remember, three days! Thats it and your gonna start seeing results. HOLD out girls! Think THIN and BEAUTIFUL! Loves XOXOXO

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