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Anorexia and Bulemia

Sometimes It Takes A Picture. . .

Posted on 2008.12.30 at 23:03
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Current Mood: FAT!!
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What The hell! I hate my life. . .  I stumbled across some pictures from last year. My ex Boyfriend is in town and I wanted to dig them up. I dont know how I got so fat so quickly. Being anorexic for 12 years and now switching to Mia and, I found very comforting still gained 27 pounds! WTF I am morally sick, at how FAT and NASTY I look. No wonder Ive been single this intire F**KING time.
So today was my first day of fasting, Its been a tough one. I've been hungry, although I love knowing that hunger is there its the first step to being back where I want to be again. I keep eyeing these candy apples  my grandmother made and am fighting these demons not to shove that poison into my body! One day down only 4 glasses of water and 2 diet cokes. I CAN DO THIS AND I WILL NOT BE FAT, AGAIN!


iwant2bsoskinny at 2008-12-31 10:56 (UTC) (Link)
You CAN do this!!! Be strong and think THIN ;)
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